CATO note

Translating to "insightful", CATO identifies, collects, and organizes critical insights from your data

Eliminate Delays Informing Design

Automate your CAE reporting process with an artificial intelligence simulation assistant. Keeping simulation analysts on high-value tasks and eliminating buildup of procrastinated reports will transform your product development efficiency.

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On-Demand Custom Reports in 3 easy steps


Following post processing:


Upload your raw data file

Accepting all major simulation solution native file types, just drag it into CATO.

Accepted File types:

Describe Product

Provide CATO an understanding of the design being analyzed and its purpose


Describe Study

What were you hoping to learn? How did you go about solving it?


Report Purpose

Who's it the report for? What will it be used for?


Inform CATO

Briefly give CATO more information on the product, study, and purpose so it can make an accurate and tailored report



Let CATO note sort your data and write a report!