Translating to "insightful", Cato enables meaningful, intentional product development


Cato has three key differentials in the multiphysics CAE space:

Integrated algorithms to streamline simulation environment setup. We strive to lower the barrier of entry to CAE by making your experience as easy and seamless as possible. It now takes a fraction of the time to curate the proper simulation climate for your product.

Countless "sanity checks" are imbedded into our product to confirm that your product and operating environment logically correlate to the physical world. After an easy and intelligent setup, your team can understand, interact, and iterate your product within its final operating environment. 

The last and most impactful upgrade is our physics-based optimization. Not only can our product suggest adjustments but it actively iterates and tests within the simulation environment. While considering your cost vs performance goals, our optimization tool can iterate your design to near perfection in a fraction of the time it'd take a team to go through even one iteration.


Effortless simulation directly from your existing CAD models

Quickly investigate design feasibility

Accurate & detailed analysis of proposed features

Hassle-free tests over different environments or scenarios

Multiphysics capabilities between all solvers

Accelerated with Parallelization

Structural Mechanics

Static, Buckling (linear/nonlinear), Strain, Displacement, Fatigue (stress/strain life), Fracture, Creep, Rigid-body Motion*

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Laminar, Turbulent, Steady-state, Transient, Compressible, Incompressible, Internal Flow, Drag/Lift*, Meshless


Conduction & Conjugate transfer, Convection, Radiation* (internal / external), Steady-state, Transient


Acoustic Propagation, Ultrasonic, Narrow/Wide band, Noise Prediction*


Modal, Random Vibration, Harmonic, Damped, Rotordynamics*


Automatically identify flaws & optimize product designs

Accelerate design cycle from concept to manufacturing

Simultaneously explore multiple pathways for best possibilities

Reduce risk to create manufacturable products

Parallel Pipes ___ 400x400

Accelerated with Parallel Pipes' proprietary AI

Optimize drone parts by reducing weight

Withstand extra stress from flight, or increase aerodynamic efficiency

Increase lifetime of robotic components

Improve durability and endurance from stress, fatigue, and to corrosion

Thermal profiling of parts

Modify part to withstand thermal effects during use, or thermal profile during a necessary manufacturing process

Improve system's optical or EM characteristics

Test EM or optical source, by changing materials or components


Our platform is capable of handling a wide variety of product investigations and optimizations, including complex, uncommon design goals or custom environments.

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