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Learn how you can use Parallel Pipes' technologies to accelerate & automate your engineering workflows on the cloud!

Automated Analysis (Simulation)

Best used for:

Testing and investigation in projects with well defined design goals, and valid CAD files describing design geometry.

Investigate whether a design is feasible, or a good starting point for further investigations.

If you need a detailed look at a scenario or environment to test your product in, our easy to use automated simulation analysis will get you the results you need fast

Effortless simulation directly from your existing CAD models

Quickly investigate design feasibility

Accurate & detailed analysis of proposed features

Hassle-free tests over different environments or scenarios

Multiphysics capabilities between all solvers

Accelerated with Parallelization

Structural Mechanics

Static, Buckling (linear/nonlinear), Strain, Displacement, Fatigue (stress/strain life), Fracture, Creep, Rigid-body Motion*

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Laminar, Turbulent, Steady-state, Transient, Compressible, Incompressible, Internal Flow, Drag/Lift*, Meshless


Conduction & Conjugate transfer, Convection, Radiation* (internal / external), Steady-state, Transient


Acoustic Propagation, Ultrasonic, Narrow/Wide band, Noise Prediction*


Modal, Random Vibration, Harmonic, Damped, Rotordynamics*

Automated Optimization

Best used for:

Generate solutions to design projects and meet design goals such as increasing performance in an environment, endurance to physical effects, or reducing cost and improving manufacturability

Most valuable for improving designs which fall short of requirements, projects with multiple design goals, or design for manufacturability.

We will assist you in translating your needs into concrete design goals and requirements, and if needed provide guidance for refining your CAD to be simulation-worthy.


Automatically identify flaws & optimize product designs

Accelerate design cycle from concept to manufacturing

Simultaneously explore multiple pathways for best possibilities

Reduce risk to create manufacturable products

Parallel Pipes ___ 400x400

Accelerated with Parallel Pipes' proprietary AI

Optimize drone parts by reducing weight

Withstand extra stress from flight, or increase aerodynamic efficiency

Increase lifetime of robotic components

Improve durability and endurance from stress, fatigue, and to corrosion

Thermal profiling of parts

Modify part to withstand thermal effects during use, or thermal profile during a necessary manufacturing process

Improve system's optical or EM characteristics

Test EM or optical source, by changing materials or components

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