Empowering Engineers with automated analysis & optimization

Let Parallel Pipes do the heavy lifting for you.

Parallel Pipes is founded on the belief that everyone should have access to fast, affordable product simulation and optimization, so that even non-experts can turn their product concepts into reality. We believe that the time is right for AI to make a difference in product development, not as a buzzword, but a tangible way to investigate and optimize product designs to be safer, better and more reliable.


Meet our team

Stephen Karasek


Stephen founded Parallel Pipes after his experiences in industry made him realize the dire need in product development, applying both automation and AI to simulation and design optimization.


Prior to founding Parallel Pipes, he spent twelve years as an engineer across several industries including MathWorks (computational software), Thoratec (medical devices), and Draper Labs.

Ben Brakenwagen




Ben is a seasoned design engineer with experience in consumer products and medical devices before Parallel Pipes. He noticed a need in the industry and knew that product development was waiting for intelligent insight to optimize the currently cyclical process.


Ben also recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Northeastern University.

Scott Harris


Scott has a track record of success in the CAD & CAE world, having co-founded both Solidworks and OnShape. After two successful exits with Dassault Systemès and PTC, he now teaches at Olin College of Engineering.

Simplifying product design with automation & AI