Our Vision

Parallel Pipes will enable a world of linear physical product development

Industry Focused Approach

Parallel Pipes is founded on the belief that simulation-driven design accompanied with artificial intelligence is the backbone of an inevitable, transformational shift for industry. We believe that the time is right for AI to make a difference in product development, not as a buzzword, but a tangible way to accelerate learning and scope during development.


Meet our team

Stephen Karasek


Stephen recognized the consistent delays in the product development and identified the role AI can have in the simulation and design optimization processes.

His background includes twelve years of engineering experience in various sectors, including roles with MathWorks, Thoratec, and Draper Labs. His work focused on computational physics, machine learning, and process optimization.

Ben Brakenwagen




Ben's engineering career, spanning roles at Hologic, Motiv Design, and Phoenix Tailings, was marked by challenges in product testing and analysis. 


Ben's background combines technical expertise with business acumen. He earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering followed by a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. Before Parallel Pipes, he served as an Entrepreneurship Fellow at Northeastern University.

Sandra Casey



Sandra's expertise in Chemical Engineering and computational tools coupled with her software engineering background developed her empathy for the engineering industry's need for data automation. Sandra is now focused on bringing Parallel Pipes' product to life.


Sandra completed her MS at BU following a degree in Chemical Engineering at MIT. She then began a career in software dev with Citrine Informatics and Own Up.



Scott Harris

Scott has a track record of success in the CAD & CAE world, having co-founded both Solidworks and OnShape. After two successful exits with Dassault Systemès and PTC, he now teaches at Olin College of Engineering.

Jonathan Hiller

Jon most recently held the position of VP of Technology at PTC following the acquisition of his company, Frustum. Following his Ph.D. from Cornell University in Mechanical Engineering, Jon moved to the forefront of future design and validation tools.