Cloud-Based Multiphysics

Simplified Simulation and Optimization

We have experienced the hardships of product development and decided there must be a better way. Delays with prototyping, testing, and manufacturability are costly and oftentimes detrimental. We strive to provide the first highly capable and ultra-tailored computer-aided engineering platform by integrating today's technology.

By utilizing project-based cost and automating traditionally repetitive sub-processes, we have created the most accessible CAE on the market. No matter if you are a freelance designer or an industry giant, we have solutions to minimize development time and maximize product performance.

Robot Progression


Tailored to You

Run high-end CAE all at project-based cost. From automating your in-house simulation to looking for outsourced assistance, Parallel Pipes is your solution.

Intuitive Experience

All you need is your product's operating conditions. Our platform is developed for minimal learning curve and high capabilities. Try it and be shocked by the ease.

"Parallel Pipes helped us see how well our vehicle would fly before we built our first prototype. Within hours we were able to see results from our first analysis."

Tom Daily- CEO, Hopper Express

Multiphysics Toolbox

Easy-to-set-up and versatile environment, enabling:

  • Structural Mechanics            (FEA)
  • Fluid Dynamics                      (CFD)
  • Multi-Body Dynamics           (MBD)
  • Thermodynamics                  (TI)
  • Electromagnetics                  (EM)
  • Acoustics and Optics

Automated definition of boundary conditions makes starting up analysis jobs a breeze.

Physics-Based Optimization

Our novel optimization service allows you to interactively iterate tailored to your product's operating conditions. Our platform considers:

  • Overall Product Cost
  • Allowable Material Selection
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Geometric Adjustments

Development can now be done rapidly with complete intention to product's operation and purpose.

“With Parallel Pipes we no longer feel like we are taking risks with our development. We can explore alternative design pathways and find the best design that fulfills our product requirements.”

Justin McAfee- CEO, WrightOne Inc.

Case Studies

Aerodynamics, Fatigue, Stress

Drone Aerodynamics

-  Aerodynamic Efficiency

-  Durability & Lifespan

Enhance the durability and aerodynamic efficiency of the drone, reduce weight & stress during the flight of the quadcopter drone.

Fatigue, Stress, Cost

Robotic Manipulator Arm

-  Durability & Lifespan

-  Cost-To-Manufacture


Reducing costs, improving endurance and performance of a robotics arm while taking into account manufacturability.

Airflow, Lift, Stress

Turbine Airflow Optimization

- Airflow & Lift

- Generative Design (CFD)


Increased airflow from turbine by optimizing design geometry.

Design Benefits


Lower overall product cost

Multiphysics simulation insight leads to more efficient designs

Optimization will consider manufacturing processes, material type and material usage to minimize manufacturing cost


High performance product

Multiphysics simulation insight identifies product inefficiencies

Optimization will iterate to a designated performance based on theoretically perfect product design while considering design goals and constraints


Longer lasting products

Multiphysics simulation insight identifies expected failure

Optimization will address failure points and re-simulate the product in an interactive, iterative manner resulting in robust product design

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