Automate Analysis & Optimization with AI

On-demand results straight from CAD

Parallel Pipes gives your engineers the power to analyze and optimize your products by using your design goals and the click of a button. Using an intuitive automated platform driven by our proprietary AI, you can:

  • Boost your team's experience AND productivity

  • Uncover design insights quickly and efficiently

  • Make the best design decisions without delay


Turbine Optimization - Aerodynamics


Automated Workflows

Get on-demand analysis directly from your browser, starting from your existing CAD models. Simply:

    Upload a model
    Choose Workflow
    Define conditions
    View Results!

Our targeted design automation workflows have helped teams like yours to analyze and optimize turbines, drones, robotics, and more.

Helical Gear: CAD - Simulation - Prototype
Thermodynamics - Thermal Profile-2
fatigue (structural integrity)-1

Powerful Toolbox

Easy-to-set-up and versatile environment, enabling analysis using a combination of:

  • Structural Mechanics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Acoustics and Vibration
Automated definition of boundary conditions makes starting up analysis jobs a breeze.

Physics-based Generative Design

Optimize your product for performance, endurance or manufacturability, by allowing different materials or manufacturing techniques.

Generative Design with Primitives, Parallel Pipes' physics-based approach to Generative Design using our proprietary AI, can be instructed to produce parts suitable for additive manufacturing (such as 3D printing) or more traditional manufacturing methods (machining, casting, forging).

Robot Arm Design Iterations + Lifespan Graph

Interactive Evolution

Monitor your model's optimization as it iteratively evolves to achieve your design goals. Allow it to progress by itself, or redirect along feature pathways of your choosing to the optimal result for your requirements.

Accelerated Productivity

Finding the right engineers with the right experience has become just as or more difficult than finding the best product designs or the most effective tools. Parallel Pipes' AI can assist your existing team, helping them to achieve more with fewer resources.

Beat the competition and be first-to-market, by moving  your product designs from concept to manufacturing faster than ever before.

Cold Plates


How do we deliver insights and improve designs?

Aerodynamics, Fatigue, Stress

Drone Aerodynamics

-  Aerodynamic Efficiency

-  Durability & Lifespan

Enhance the durability and aerodynamic efficiency of the drone, reduce weight & stress during the flight of the quadcopter drone.

Fatigue, Stress, Cost

Robotic Manipulator Arm

-  Durability & Lifespan

-  Cost-To-Manufacture


Reducing costs, improving endurance and performance of a robotics arm while taking into account manufacturability.

Airflow, Lift, Stress

Turbine Airflow Optimization

- Airflow & Lift

- Generative Design (CFD)


Increased airflow from turbine by optimizing design geometry.

The Results of Parallel Pipes on your team!
Why choose Parallel Pipes for your design needs?

Solid Mechanics - Stress+Strain

Accelerate your R&D

Off-load analysis and optimization jobs to Parallel Pipes, while your team works on other tasks or projects.

CNC Manufacturing

Pay As You Go

Reduce your expenses by paying for what you need and eliminate unneeded license fees.

turbine - interior slice

Let AI do the heavy Lifting

Eliminate dead-end design pathways and reduce project delays while delivering superior results.

Customer Testimonials

“With Parallel Pipes we no longer feel like we are taking risks with our development. We can explore alternative design pathways and find the best design that fulfills our product requirements.”

"With Parallel Pipes, we understood how to best improve our robots. The platform gave our engineers clarity, and was easier to use compared to other software tools."

“Parallel Pipes gave us visibility we couldn't have predicted ourselves. The analysis directly led to our robot's increased lifespan.”

"Parallel Pipes helped us see how well our vehicle would fly before we built our first prototype. Within hours we were able to see results from our first analysis."

Real-World Applications

What we have done so far:

Drones, Aerial (UAVs)

The most efficient design profiles for taking to the skies or travelling on land.

Performance optimizations and design-for-manufacturability ensure drones’ resilience to natural hazards they encounter, and still remain low-cost.

Drones, Marine (AUVs)

Hydrodynamic, durable and corrosion resistant aquatic vehicles and drones for traversing the ocean depths.

Ensure survivability while accomplishing goals and mission tasks with greater ease and versatility than ever before.


Robotic Gripper Arm Durability

Ensure your robots are suited for the environments they will be used in, and will meet performance, endurance and durability requirements.

Longer lasting, more reliable robotic components and systems. Optimize for to endure more strenuous tasks and hazardous environments.


Acoustic & Optical Detection

Detection system operation and sensor performance can now be explored without decades of in-depth expert knowledge.

Optimize and test detection systems with ultrasonic transducers, or optical sensors to  ensure accuracy and reliability, reduce cost to manufacture, or ensure survivability against inclement weather or other hazardous environments.


Many More!

Our platform is capable of handling a wide variety of product investigations and optimizations, including complex, uncommon design goals or custom environments.

Let us know if you have a particularly challenging problem to model.
Contact us now. We can help!


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